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Our employees have more than 100 years of combined experience in the telecommunication and information connectivity industries.  BBCI has been serving SOUTH CAROLINA for more than 15 years.  We are the preferred installation vendor of many of our clients because we do it right the first time, every time.


Our technicians are factory trained, certified and very experienced.  They will leave your work space clean and orderly.  You can count on us being on time and very responsive to your needs.


We have extensive experience in providing clean installs in critical hospital settings.


Our work makes us a preferred vendor for cable installations in medical facilities, industrial plants, offices of doctors, lawyers brokers, accountants and all professional walks of life.  We are the best at inside cabling, outside cabling, underground cabling and aerial cabling both copper and fiber optic.



Tim Clos, President and Managing Partner, has been working in the wire and cable industry for more than 30 years.  Although Tim�s experience as a cable installer was 40 years ago he brings invaluable experience to our customers as a successful business manager.  Tim�s business management experience assures our customers of a very organized and efficient project experience.  As one of BICSI�s newest members, he will assure that BBCI Communications stays up with the latest industry trends and innovations.



Cell phone: 843-333-2883


Cell phone: 843-319-1009


James Hart, VP Sales, has also been working in this industry for 25 years.  James started BBCI, Inc. in 1995 with Karl Todd.  Since receiving an electronic engineering degree in 1985 James has been involved in Computer network cabling.  Starting with 1980�s Main frame systems through Ethernet in its infancy, to today�s Gigabit Networking, James stays on top of the latest Networking advances so he can help solve our customer�s immediate needs while planning for future growth and technological changes.  This saves our customers money by minimizing the need to duplicate services in the future.  James is a 13 year member of BICSI.



Cell phone: 843-319-1934


Phillip Todd, Lead Tech
, has been working for BBCI for more than 13 years.  Phillip has mastered our technical style and leads our crews on most of our larger jobs.  His tenacious efforts and attention to detail assure that every project is completed on time and in a professional manner.



Cell phone: 843-319-2050




Mission statement:  We are dedicated to you, the customer.  We will provide expert installation, the highest quality materials and the best service anywhere, all at an affordable price.


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